Armenian School of Internet Governance

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Name of your School: Armenian School of Internet Governance
Is your School a global, regional or national initiative? national
Who is the convenor/s of your School? ISOC Armenia chapter
Is your School targeting one specific stakeholder group (i.e. do you focus on young people)? We select individuals from various stakeholder groups for each edition. We had professors, students, journalists, social media and public relations specialists from the country's museums and theaters among them.
Region or country your School is based: Armenia
Year of foundation: 2017
Frequency of your School: annually
Duration of your School: 3-5 days
Besides Internet Governance do you focus on another sub topic? Online Security and safety, Human rights, Internet Infrastructures, Economic and socio-cultural developments
Is your school associated with or co-located with any other event or process? No
What is the funding model of your SIG? Not for profit
Please provide the link to the website of your school:
Anything else you would like to tell us about your school? The Armenian School on Internet Governance - ArmSIG is an annual capacity-building program organized since 2017. It aims to provide essential knowledge and develop skills for more effective participation in the Internet Governance processes.

Well-known IT specialists and experts conduct the sessions and discussions. In the past 6 years, ArmSIG has had 150 participants. Special editions were organized for students, teachers, and journalists.