Taxonomy of Schools on Internet Governance

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Taxonomy draft 0.7

The current document (PDF) is the product of a cooperative effort by a group of organizers, faculty and fellows from several Internet governance schools from around the world. It is by nature an incomplete description as the field is growing and new approaches and courses are added all the time. This document will remain a living document of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance. (DC-SIG) and will be updated yearly based on the contributions of DC SIG participants and others.

One of the first tasks for the DC is to develop a taxonomy1 for describing Schools of Internet Governance (SIG). There is a great variety among the existing programs and the features of the various types of schools that often makes it difficult to talk about these Schools and to describe them in a less ambiguous manner. The current draft lays out some of the details and is intended to make it easier to talk about very different schools using similar terminology as the DC moves on to other tasks.

Readers will notice that some sections are more developed than others. This is a work in progress as well as a living document. The content is a reflection of the interests and knowledge of those who volunteered to contribute text.The DC met 6 times over the last year to review and approve new and edited text. Going forward, any reader who has been involved with a SIG who has knowledge in an item being discussed is invited to comment and to suggest edits or new content. The url to do so can also be found at the bottom of each page in the pdf.

Part of this project includes collecting information from current SIGs on the DC website and in this wiki.

As the project goes on, information on various existing schools is being collected. Readers involved in SIGs are invited to add their information to the map and to work with the DC on adding new information to the wiki.

Alternate Proposal for updating Taxonomy

Gustavo Paiva proposal for SIG Toolkit for Internet Governance


1 “Taxonomy (general) is the practice and science of classification of things or concepts, including the principles that underlie such classification.”