Asia-Pacific School on Internet Governance

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Name of your School: Asia-Pacific School on Internet Governance
Is your School a global, regional or national initiative? regional
Who is the convenor/s of your School? Satish Babu, Chair, APSIG
Is your School targeting one specific stakeholder group (i.e. do you focus on young people)? APSIG is largely meant for the organizers of national SIGs and also practitioners who are interested.
Region or country your School is based: Asia-Pacific
Year of foundation: 2015
Frequency of your School: annually
Duration of your School: 4-5 days
Besides Internet Governance do you focus on another sub topic? Global and regional aspects of IG as well as the governance of AI, Social Media, and Data
Is your school associated with or co-located with any other event or process? Not so far, but we had decided to co-locate it with APrIGF in 2020, but this got cancelled because of the Pandemic.
What is the funding model of your SIG? Not for profit
Please provide the link to the website of your school:
Anything else you would like to tell us about your school?