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1. General Questions:

1.1 Name of your School:

1.2 Is your School a global, regional or national initiative?

1.3 Who is the convenor/s of your School?

1.4 Is your School targeting one specific stakeholder group or for (i.e. do you focus on young people?)

1.5 Region or country your School is based:

1.6 Year founded in:

1.7 Frequency of your School:

1.8 Duration of your School:

1.9 Besides Internet Governance do you focus on another sub topic? #yes #no

1.10 Is your school associated with or co-located with any other event or process?

1.11 What is the funding model of your SIG?

1.12 Please provide the link to your website:

1.13 Please provide a contact email address:

1.14 Anything else you would like to tell us about your school?

2. Information on the people involved (fellows, faculty, organiser)

2.1 Approx. number of fellows:

2.2 Approx. number of faculty:

2.3 Composition of the faculty (please indicate their approx. portion on the entire faculty)

2.4 Honorarium for faculty

2.5 Residential of all fellows, faculty and organisers

  • some faculty present for entire programme or several days
  • some faculty just stay their lecture
  • fellows, faculty and organisers reside in the same place

2.6 Who forms the organising team and who are your partners (please choose all that apply)

  • Academic institution
  • Industry
  • Technical community
  • Sponsors
  • Other

3. Requirements for acceptance into the programme (please choose all that apply)

  • Personal commitment to the full programme
  • Some experience in IG is required
  • Deeper education in IG and related subjects is required
  • Completion of online courses / reading is required
  • Some assigned participation slots assigned for sponsors
  • Done for a specific group - custom programmes

4. Design of the programme / curriculum

4.1 Length of the programme

  • 1 day or less
  • 2-3 days
  • full week
  • more than 1 week
  • college term length
  • certificate programme (module as part of a course / credit from academic institution)
  • degree programme

4.2 Types of Session (please choose all that apply)

  • Lectures
  • Panels
  • Interactive role-playing sessions
  • Class assignments
  • Participation oriented

4.3 Focus of the programme Please specify the amount of classes concerned with core academic subjects and general operations, advocacy or specific to a particular product strategy (market)

  • 100% market
  • Mostly market, some academic
  • Split between market and academic
  • Mostly academic, some market
  • 100% academic
  • Advocacy basis
  • Focused on a specific issue (please specify)

4.4 Curriculum mix – what topics do you cover in your SIG? (please choose all that apply)

  • History of IG
  • Stakeholder structure
    • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Political Theory & IG
  • Legal aspects of IG
    • International
    • National
  • Technical basis of Internet
    • What is the Internet / how things work 101
    • Architecture
    • Security
    • Protocols
    • Naming & Addressing
    • Internationalization
  • Human rights
  • Economic Issues
  • Development issues, e.g.:
    • Access, connectivity, digital divide, community networks
  • Business Issues
    • Competition & consumers
  • International Issues
  • Regional Issues
  • National Issues
  • Multistakeholder theory and practice
    • Stages in multistakeholder process
    • Bottom up and other organization models
    • Scaling considerations
  • Diplomacy
  • Gender issues
  • IOT issues
  • Emerging issue topics, e.g.:
    • Machine Learning (ML), big data, statistical inference, quantum computing

4.5 Do you offer a role play exercise / mock conference as part of your curriculum?

  • Single day or less
  • Post lunch interactive session
  • Extended
  • Issue oriented or process only
  • none

4.6 Please describe the metrics and reporting mechanisms

  • Pre-event survey of topic suggestions
  • Rapporteur daily reports on individual sessions
  • Recording of sessions
  • Fellow feedback sessions
  • Faculty feedback sessions
  • Post survey
  • Post report