Ecole sur la gouvernance de l'Internet en RDC (CdSIG)

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Name of your School: Ecole sur la gouvernance de l'Internet en RDC (CdSIG)
Is your School a global, regional or national initiative? regional/national
Who is the convenor/s of your School? Rudi International
Is your School targeting one specific stakeholder group (i.e. do you focus on young people)? Mostly youth
Region or country your School is based: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Year of foundation: 2021
Frequency of your School: annually
Duration of your School: 2 days
Besides Internet Governance do you focus on another sub topic? Introduction IG and to ICP Policy
Is your school associated with or co-located with any other event or process? The national IGF
What is the funding model of your SIG? Sponsorships
Please provide the link to the website of your school:
Anything else you would like to tell us about your school? CdSIG is linked to DRC IGF and is hosted by Rudi International that plays secretariat role

Contact details: Arsène Tungali, Executive Director, Rudi International, +243 993810967