IGF 2019 yearly report

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Yearly Update
Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance

This brief report includes a review of the work done in 2019.

In addition to holding a yearly meeting at the IGF, the DC SIG works on open documents and meets regularly, approximately monthly, to discuss suggested changes that have been made to the document. DC SIG documents are drive based and are open to comment by anyone with the URL All proposed changes are discussed and approved before being accepted into the document. The work of the DC SIG is done by its members, who are largely participants in the various schools represented by the members.

Over the course of 2019, a set of tools was created and made available on the web page and the wiki. The web page is setup to display the schools around the world and give pointers to the locations and their web presence. At the time of the meeting, only 3 schools had been located on that map. (As of this writing 8 are displayed, still many more need to be added - all schools are encouraged to pin their school on the map). There are also pages for willing faculty and fellows of the various schools to list themselves - these areas are still rather sparsely filled in. The wiki is dedicated to collecting material that has been offered by the organizers of the schools; material shared in order to help other schools with their planning, curricula, and organization. All schools in internet governance are invited to build their own spaces on the wiki. The group is considering adding video components to the web space that give descriptions and testimonials about the schools. The web maintainer for the site indicates that, in fact most anything the DC SIG decided to add in the context of SIGs, could be added, either in the main web pages or in the wiki. Bit by bit we are making the web site a richer resource.

The 2019 work included the Taxonomy document as well as the web site and wiki that had been set up. Taxonomy is the work of many contributors. At the end of the year it stood at version 0.7, that is, not ready for wider release yet because there are still a few sections yet to be written, though it is a living document that remains open to review and comment. Some of the content areas that still need contribution concern funding strategies, and metrics for school programs that help in future planning and that will satisfy funders. All members of the DC were, and are, encouraged to add content wherever they find a gap.