Nigerian School on Internet Governance

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Name of your School: Nigerian School on Internet Governance
Is your School a global, regional or national initiative? national
Who is the convenor/s of your School? Internet Society in collaboration with Nigerian Internet Governance Forum
Is your School targeting one specific stakeholder group (i.e. do you focus on young people)? We focus on the whole stakeholders in internet Governance Space in Nigeria irrespective of age, creed, association.
Region or country your School is based: Nigeria
Year of foundation: 2019
Frequency of your School: annually
Duration of your School: 1st edition 4 days; 2nd edition 6 days
Besides Internet Governance do you focus on another sub topic? Internet Addressing systems, State of Access and infrastructures in Nigeria; Data protection and privacy; encryption; internet way of networking
Is your school associated with or co-located with any other event or process? Nigerian Internet Governance Forum
What is the funding model of your SIG? Sponsorships
Please provide the link to the website of your school:
Anything else you would like to tell us about your school? The main objective of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to train new leaders of opinion in all aspects related to Internet Governance, from a global perspective and with focus on the Nigeria perspective.

The program helps interested students, academic as well as individuals working in the private sector as well as in government to get comprehensive and structured knowledge on Internet governance. To better understand the complexity related to Internet governance and its importance in the future of the Internet.

The mission of the Nigeria School of Internet Governance is to:

  • Increase the number of representatives from Nigeria in the international Internet Governance debate spaces.
  • Motivate its participants presenting their opinions and to become active participants in Internet Governance meetings and activities, where the future of the Internet is shaped.
  • Make the participants become the future leaders on Internet Governance in the Nigeria space and region.