DC SIG at the 15 IGF

Meeting of the DC SIG at the 15 virtual IGF, 2020

Wednesday November 04, 2020 08:10 – 09:40 CET

Kindly have a look at the DC SIG 2020 yearly report and the session report for the 2020 DC SIG Meeting at the virtual IGF.
We did invite you to be part of our meeting.
Please find the Agenda below.



(download as pdf)

  • Introductions
    • Roundtable self introduction
    • What the DC SIG is about
  • Review of work done since the last meeting
    • Web site
    • Toolkit
    • Operations guide
  • Possible Plans for the coming year
    • Continue work on Toolkit and & Operations Guide
    • Collect supportive materials – curration
    • Collect Curricula
    • Develop guidelines for SIG curricula
    • Ideas from those around the table
  • AOB

Toolkit for Internet Governance Schools

This document (pdf) is the product of a cooperative effort by a group of organizers, faculty, and fellows from several Internet governance schools from around the world. It is by nature an incomplete description as the field is growing and new approaches and courses are added all the time. This document will remain a living document of the IGF Dynamic Coalition on Schools of Internet Governance. (DC-SIG) and will be updated yearly based on the contributions of DC SIG participants and others.


Please follow the link to the Toolkit for Internet Governance Schools as comments and suggestions for change and update are welcome.



Developing an Operations Plan to Operate a School of Internet Governance

As work was preceding on the DC SIG Toolkit, members of the DC SIG decided that we needed
to work on a guide that got into many of the details involved in producing a school. While there is no belief that all schools were the same, or that the task of creating a school would be the same in all cases, the DC SIG decided to gather the experiences of the many schools participating in the DC into a document that we hoped would help people plan. Work on this document (pdf, Rev 0.3) is only a few months old, and the document is still essentially an annotated outline for the document we intend to produce. We decided, however, that this was a good time to put it out and elicit comments, and perhaps more importantly, contributions.


Any reader who has the knowledge to develop any of the sections is invited to join the DC SIG in the bottom effort to collect and document the information necessary for an operational plan. The document, open for comments, edit and suggested text, can be found here.